Murdoch University

Workspace360: Innovating Collaborative Furniture for Murdoch University’s Boola Katitjin Building


Murdoch University partnered with Workspace360 in mid-2021 to create a prototype collaborative furniture piece, the bespoke classroom table (JTA7), for their upcoming Boola Katitjin building. Recognised for their expertise in developing bespoke furniture solutions efficiently, Workspace360 was among the top contenders, given their successful track record at RMIT University and several other top Australian tertiary institutions.

Despite tight deadlines and the challenge of creating a unique product not available in the market, Workspace360’s team rose to the occasion. Their prototype design stood out due to its robustness, adherence to key requirements, and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, it offered flexibility by utilising a slightly modified kit of parts available from multiple suppliers, allowing Murdoch University control over future sourcing.

Workspace360 successfully delivered prototype tables to Murdoch Universities prototype space in December 2021. The tables, including an electronic sit-stand version, performed remarkably well during the prototyping period. The prototyping period provided an opportunity for the University to test the functionality of the tables and make minor adjustments ahead of the main project delivery in 2022.

Impressed with the prototype’s performance, Murdoch University, via Multiplex, invited Workspace360 to tender on the main project, which involved various bespoke tables, including a folding triangular table, of which nothing quite like it existed prior to the project.

Collaborating with highly experienced subject matter experts on furniture design and education spaces, Workspace360 successfully designed several highly functional bespoke collaboration tables, filling a void in the market. Their ability to provide innovative solutions, that could importantly be built on budget and within tight timeframes, set them apart from other suppliers and this led to being successful on many of the classroom Tables within the overall project scope.

The custom-designed tables received overwhelming praise from students, facilitators, and the university community. The Boola Katitjin building itself became an exemplary learning space, inspiring other universities to seek inspiration from Murdoch University’s approach.

Workspace360 takes pride in its achievements on the Boola Katitjin project and invites others to approach them for seemingly impossible design requirements. With their team of subject matter experts, Workspace360 is committed to finding unique solutions and delivering outstanding results.

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