Greater Western Water

Greater Western Water (GWW) engaged Workspace360 and two other suppliers in November 2021 to fit out an existing shed at their Sunbury Depot. Initially, GWW wanted to add a second storey to their 120m2 Shed, allowing for increased bathroom facilities, eight additional workpoints, and a large training space to seat 20.  

However, Workspace360 provided an alternative design strategy that involved refurbishing their existing space entirely, adding a further 200m2 to the 120m2 shed area, totalling 320m2.  

Key elements of Workspace360 design strategy involved: 

  • strategically relocating the kitchen to create an office hub, adjacent to a new open-plan workspace for 16 
  • an enclosed office for three technical staff  
  • increase to bathrooms to support increased female staff requirements, with vastly improved change facilities 
  • a more strategically located laundry 
  • a new externally and internally defined entry lobby with three new management offices and; 
  • a new training space for 20+.  


Weekly workshops with GWW over the next few weeks allowed the design to be interrogated and adjusted until it was perfect. To help GWW realise the vision and share the journey with their team, detailed Renders were provided. These helped to show the colour scheme and layout, allowing for minor tweaks to design until it was exactly what GWW wanted.  

From the first contact to having working drawings and permits (planning, demo, and builders) ready to build, it took about three months, including all required permits.  

The project was completed within the project program and handed over to a delighted GWW Team. The staff at GWW love their new space and couldn’t believe the transformation.  

The feedback from the GWW team since using the space has been very positive, and they’ve been surprised at how good the acoustics are in such an open space, while being able to easily collaborate as a team or work in concentrated mode. 

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