Snap Fitness
Ascot Vale

Snap Fitness is a boutique fitness studio with multiple locations based around Australia. The fitness studio offers a range of group fitness classes and personal training sessions, catering to clients of all fitness levels. The client approached Workspace 360 with a requirement for a new fitout project that would help them create a modern and inspiring fitness studio.

Workspace 360 was tasked with providing a complete fitout solution for Snap Fitness located in Ascot Vale. The scope of the project included:

  • Space planning and design: Workspace 360 worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and designed a space that maximized the available area while ensuring the fitness studio was functional, efficient, and visually appealing.
  • Flooring and ceiling: Workspace 360 installed new rubber flooring in the fitness studio to provide a comfortable and durable surface for clients to workout on. The ceiling was also updated with new
    panels and lighting fixtures to provide an inviting atmosphere.
  • Electrical and plumbing: Workspace 360 ensured all electrical and plumbing requirements were met, including the installation of new electrical outlets, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.
  • Custom joinery: Custom joinery was installed to create storage solutions for the fitness studio, including shelving and cabinetry.
  • Fitness equipment installation: Workspace 360 installed new fitness equipment, including treadmills, weightlifting machines, and stationary bikes, to ensure the fitness studio was equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment available.

The fitout project by Workspace 360 was completed on time and within the client’s budget. The new fitness studio was transformed into a modern and inspiring space that reflected the brand identity of Snap Fitness. The new layout and design of the studio helped increase its functionality, with more space available for clients to move around freely.

The custom joinery and storage solutions provided a clutter-free environment for the fitness studio, while the new fitness equipment helped enhance the client’s workout experience. The fitness studio now stands out as a premier boutique fitness studio in the Melbourne area.

Workspace 360’s fitout project for Snap Fitness was a success. The team worked closely with the client to ensure their requirements were met while delivering a fitout solution that was functional, efficient, and visually appealing. The fitness studio now provides an inviting atmosphere for clients to workout in, and the new equipment and storage solutions have helped increase the studio’s functionality.

Snap Fitness can now offer its clients a premier fitness experience, thanks to the
fitout project by Workspace 360.

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