Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is a boutique fitness studio with multiple locations based around Australia. The fitness studio offers a range of group fitness classes and personal training sessions, catering to clients of all fitness levels. The client approached Workspace 360 with a requirement for a new fitout project that would help them create a modern and inspiring fitness studio.

Snap Fitness Pakenham is a popular 24/7 fitness center located in Pakenham, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia. With a focus on providing a high-quality workout experience and personalized fitness programs, Snap Fitness Pakenham attracts a diverse range of members. 

Solution Provided by Workspace360:

  1. Space Planning and Design: Workspace360 conducted a comprehensive analysis of the existing facility to identify areas for improvement. They developed a space plan that optimized the available square footage, ensuring efficient flow and segregation of different workout zones. The plan included designated areas for cardio, strength training, functional training, and stretching.

  2. Brand-Centric Aesthetics: To align the facility with the Snap Fitness brand, Workspace360 incorporated the brand’s colour scheme and logo throughout the space. They used vibrant accent colours and dynamic lighting to create an energetic atmosphere. Custom wall graphics and motivational quotes were strategically placed to inspire members during their workouts.

  3. Functional Training Zones: Recognizing the growing popularity of functional training, Workspace360 designed dedicated zones for activities such as TRX suspension training, kettlebells, and plyometric exercises. These areas were equipped with specialized flooring, mirrors, and appropriate storage solutions.

  4. Group Fitness Studio: Workspace360 created a state-of-the-art group fitness studio with flexible flooring and mirrored walls. The studio was equipped with a high-quality sound system and ample space for conducting various classes like yoga, Zumba, and HIIT training.

  5. Amenities and Relaxation Areas: Understanding the importance of post-workout recovery, Workspace360 integrated amenities such as a juice bar, lounge area, and showers. These additions enhanced the overall member experience and encouraged social interaction.

The fitout project by Workspace360 for Snap Fitness Pakenham was a resounding success. The revitalized facility aligned perfectly with the Snap Fitness brand, providing an energetic and motivating atmosphere for members. The optimized space utilization ensured smooth traffic flow and enhanced functionality, enabling members to have an efficient workout experience. The addition of dedicated functional training zones and a well-equipped group fitness studio expanded the range of fitness programs available to members, attracting new clients and increasing member retention. The inclusion of amenities and relaxation areas further enhanced member satisfaction and positioned Snap Fitness Pakenham as a leading fitness destination in the area.

Overall, Workspace360’s fitout for Snap Fitness Pakenham created a visually appealing, functional, and member-centric gym space that fostered a positive workout environment, helping the fitness center achieve its business objectives and surpass member expectations.

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