Snap Fitness
Port Melbourne

This case study focuses on the gym fitout project completed by Workspace360 for Snap Fitness in Port Melbourne. Workspace360 is a leading provider of innovative and tailored workplace solutions, renowned for their expertise in designing and transforming workspace facilities. The fitout project aimed to create a modern and inviting gym space that reflected the Snap Fitness brand while maximizing functionality and member experience.

Snap Fitness is a global fitness franchise with a strong reputation for providing convenient and accessible 24/7 gym facilities. The Port Melbourne branch sought to enhance its existing gym space and offer members a dynamic and motivating environment to achieve their fitness goals.

Project Execution:

  1. Initial Consultation: Workspace360 conducted an in-depth consultation with the Snap Fitness management team to understand their specific requirements, brand guidelines, and budget constraints. The consultation also involved a thorough site assessment to gain insights into the existing space and infrastructure.

  2. Conceptual Design: Based on the consultation and site assessment, Workspace360 developed a comprehensive conceptual design that showcased the proposed layout, colour schemes, lighting solutions, and equipment placement. The design aimed to create an energetic and motivating environment conducive to a wide range of fitness activities.

  3. Space Planning and Fitout: Workspace360 optimized the gym’s layout by strategically organizing various workout zones, including cardio, strength training, functional training, and group exercise areas. They also integrated multipurpose spaces for personal training, stretching, and floor exercises. Customized storage solutions were implemented to maximize floor space and ensure equipment accessibility.

  4. Interior Design and Aesthetics: Workspace360 introduced a modern and visually stimulating design by incorporating Snap Fitness branding elements, local artwork, and motivational graphics throughout the gym. The interior design focused on vibrant colour schemes, natural lighting, and high-quality finishes to create an inviting and energizing atmosphere.

  5. Technology Integration: To enhance the member experience, Workspace360 integrated cutting-edge fitness technologies such as interactive screens, digital fitness trackers, and immersive audio systems. This allowed members to track their progress, access workout routines, and participate in virtual training sessions.

  6. Completion and Handover: Workspace360 efficiently managed the fitout process, ensuring minimal disruption to Snap Fitness operations. The project was completed within the agreed timeline and handed over to the Snap Fitness team for final inspection and approval.

Results and Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Member Experience: The redesigned gym space at Snap Fitness in Port Melbourne provided members with an inspiring and inclusive environment that motivated them to achieve their fitness goals. The incorporation of advanced fitness technologies and versatile workout areas enhanced the overall member experience.

  2. Increased Space Utilization: Workspace360’s strategic space planning enabled optimal utilization of the available square footage, creating designated areas for different types of workouts while ensuring efficient traffic flow. This allowed for a more diverse range of fitness activities within the same space.

  3. Brand Consistency and Local Appeal: The fitout successfully incorporated the Snap Fitness brand identity while infusing a local touch that resonated with the Port Melbourne community. The integration of local artwork and motivational graphics added a sense of belonging and community engagement.

  4. Positive Feedback and Retention: The revamped gym received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Snap Fitness members

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