PrixCar - Stage 1

Case Study: PrixCar Office Fitout by Workspace360


PrixCar Services are a leading automotive logistics company specializing in vehicle transportation across Australia. As the company experienced significant growth, it aimed to create an innovative and inspiring workspace for its employees. To achieve this, PrixCar collaborated with Workspace360, a renowned corporate design and fitout company, known for its creative and functional workspace solutions.

PrixCar needed an office design that optimized the use of available space efficiently. The company desired an office environment that reflected its brand values and culture, fostering employee engagement and productivity. PrixCar aimed for a modern workspace that encouraged collaboration among teams and facilitated flexibility in terms of work setups.



Workspace360 initiated the project by conducting thorough consultations with PrixCar’s management and key stakeholders. Understanding PrixCar’s vision, values, and specific needs was crucial in the initial planning stage.


Design Phase:

Based on the insights gathered, Workspace360 proposed several design concepts aligned with PrixCar’s requirements. These concepts incorporated elements such as open-plan work areas, collaborative spaces, breakout zones, and ergonomic furniture to enhance employee comfort and productivity.


Approval and Implementation:

Once PrixCar approved the final design, Workspace360 commenced the implementation phase. This involved meticulous project management, coordination with contractors, procurement of materials, and adhering to timelines to ensure a seamless transition from the existing workspace to the new design.


Execution and Completion:

Workspace360’s team efficiently executed the fitout, including the installation of furniture, fixtures, technology infrastructure, and branding elements. Regular communication and updates were provided to Prixcar’s representatives throughout the process.



The collaboration between PrixCar and Workspace360 resulted in a successful office fitout that not only met the company’s objectives but also exceeded expectations in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and employee satisfaction.

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